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Updated 08/05/2021

Version 1.1

Klaus is a quality management platform for customer support teams that measurably improves customer service quality.

Klaus improves customer service quality by making it easy to give feedback to agents. Think of it like the customer support equivalent of sales coaching or a code review in engineering.
You'll be able to:
- Connect and display your Talkdesk conversations in a few clicks;
- Create filters like "Random sample of Bob's last week's calls";
- Customize rating categories and rating scales;
- Rate and comment on conversations;
- Track Internal Quality Score across agents and teams.

What are the results?
- Improves CSAT;
- Saves 90% of the time over a manual process in spreadsheets;
- Builds team cohesion;
- Enables faster onboarding;
- Gives a clear picture of the top and low performing agents.

Key features

Coaching and 1-1s

Encourage ownership through transparent feedback and support team development through sessions that address overall team performance. Use internal quality scores and performance results to identify knowledge gaps and improve agent performance.

Analytics & KPIs

Understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality. Get an instant overview of the big picture or drill into the details – up to you. Klaus' KPI dashboard helps you focus on the agents and processes that need your attention most.

Quality Assurance

Easily evaluate and identify customer service problems in real-time. Build scorecards that reflect your business needs, filter out tickets you’d like to see, review the conversations, and start leaving valuable feedback that helps agents develop.


View real-time KPIs by agent to ensure consistent performance amongst agents and identify top and low-performers. Deliver transparent and actionable feedback. With ongoing visibility into their performance, there are no surprises.

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