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Start high-quality video conferences right away from your Talkdesk account.

Eyeson is a room based video conferencing app providing online meeting rooms. Level up your communication and start instant video meetings directly within your Talkdesk account to connect with your customers or other agents. eyeson helps to easily identify your customer's issues and guide them through troubleshooting. Discuss issues with other agents and quickly invite customers or even guests to join the conversation.

Screen casting

Use screen casting to easily identify your customer’s issues and/or share your screen to easily guide them through troubleshooting.

Click and Talk

Start instant video meetings directly within your Talkdesk account to connect with your customers.

Streaming to YouTube and Facebook

Reach large audiences by live streaming your webinars.

Presenting files

Show significant documents to your team or customers to make your point.

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for 30 days

eyeson freemium capability (limited access)

eyeson rooms include all standard video conferencing features and more.
9 in one video and unlimited viewers in eyeson room. Share your screen or present your PDF to a large audience or your team. Invite guests without registration or installation – just one click to join your meeting.

In Trial the number of rooms and the history-access is limited.