Virtual Observer

Developed by Coordinated Systems, IncUpdated 11/20/2019Version 5

Virtual Observer delivers Integrated QM features with Screen Capture expandable to full WFO

(Optimized for 20+ seats) Talkdesk audio recordings + metadata are imported and synchronized with Virtual Observer’s (VO) recorded screen capture of the entire interaction. From there, VO’s intuitive quality management tool gives you the ability to score the customer interactions, enhance your agent review process, and shape the evolution of your contact center staff. The solution can be expanded to support a full Workforce Optimization offering including Speech Analytics, CRM integrations, Workforce Management (WFM), and more.

Quality Management with Screen Capture

Talkdesk recorded audio is imported into VO and time synched with VO Screen Capture allowing for advanced Quality Management or feature expansion to support full Workforce Optimization (WFO).

Agent Portal & E-Learning

Bring the agent directly into the quality management process by enabling them to play back recorded events, access reports, view and respond to their own evaluations, receive targeted training materials, and more.

VO Live for Agent Assistance

VO Live provides real-time monitoring of agent screen activity. The feature allows users to chat with agents and physically guide agent’s PC activity via remote desktop.

Dashboard Analytics

Visualize improvement with VO’s Dashboard Analytics & Performance Reporting, allowing your critical business data to come alive in many different graphical formats. Gain insight into emerging trends.

Integrated Evaluation & Scoring

Score audio and screen events as single, synchronized events. Build an unlimited number of ways to structure and weigh your scoring forms, allowing you to completely streamline your manual quality processes.

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