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Updated 03/04/2021

Focus on driving customer loyalty from every touchpoint by streamlining contact synchronization with Contactually CRM

Integrate the leading intelligent CRM for real estate professionals with Talkdesk. Automate and streamline contact management workflows and extract the most value from your investment. Eliminate the need for manual tasks such as updating contacts or setting a follow-up reminder after a missed call in both applications. Your agents can focus on having more personalized and meaningful interactions to help you drive revenue growth and customer loyalty.

Key features

Deliver a more personalized customer experience

Help your agents personalize their approach to every interaction by surfacing customers’ Contactually contact history right from the moment each call is connected on Talkdesk.

Customizable two-way data synchronization

Synchronize contacts records and related tasks between Contactually and Talkdesk in real-time with full control of what data should be integrated. Provide your agents with the most up-to-date information so they can better serve your customers’ needs.

Increase agent productivity with automated workflows

Empower your agents to work smarter with automated trigger-based workflows that remove the need to manually enter data in two different systems, allowing them to create and update contacts on Contactually without leaving their Talkdesk interface.

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