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ASK - Acquire, Support and Keep - Packaged Speech Analytics Solutions for Support, Sales and Management

Listening Methods provides speech analytics solutions, dashboards, scorecards, free form customer surveys and professional services to support customers’ key business goals. We are often a company's speech analytics managed services department and achieve our customers' business goals and ROI in days or weeks for a range of departments – sales, customer support, marketing, product management and collections. We focus on data quality, a primary key to success in speech analytics, by providing a pre-built library of Topics (data elements with specific meanings), Scorecards that are immediately available to customers as well a custom solutions.

Packaged Speech Analytics Solutions

Listening Methods provides ASK (Acquire, Support and Keep) ready to use and custom Speech Analytics solutions that address key business goals in a matter of weeks for customer service, marketing, sales and product management departments.

Scorecards for Managing Agents and Groups

Scorecards present agent performance to goals for best practices. They are used by Supervisors, Agents and Management. Each focuses on goals, for instance, efficient customer support, compliance, needs discovery, and adherence to sales processes.

High Data Quality to Ensure Trust

Speech Analytics is plagued by poor data. We have solved this problem. We use VoiceBase transcription to support our Scorecards plus our managed services to provide data that is 95%+ accurate. We maintain and improve this accuracy for our customers.

Management Services

Our Managed Services group will deliver your solution, train your personnel, and monitor your solution to ensure it is meeting your goals. Users, via the dashboard, communicate with the managed services group when they have issues or need expansions.

Focus only on Issues that Need Help

ASK focuses supervisors and agents on the issue that they should address. No longer audit a few random. Our Scorecards direct you attention to those agents and specific best practices which need coaching. So don't waste time anymore.

High ROI Solutions in Days

Set-up ASK in hours and gain actionable insights in days, not months.

Plans & Pricing

ASK Speech Analytics Trial


for 30 days

Provides the ASK solution with 5-hours per month of audio processing per agent

Full use of ASK dashboards and generic Scorecards for Supervisors and Agents. Access to the Topic Library for building additional Scorecards. After a week of call processing, the Listening Methods team has a meeting to discover key business goals and focus on how to achieve high business value for the customer, whether through the use of Pre-Packaged Scorecards and Topics, or extending these with custom searches.