AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Developed by SmartActionUpdated 10/23/2019Version 1

SmartAction’s cloud-based virtual agents automate the conversations live agents handle today over voice, chat, and text.

Automate conversations live agents handle today with SmartAction’s AI-powered virtual agents. Our cloud-based solution easily integrates with any contact center and uses natural language understanding to automate first in voice, then in chat or text for a seamless omnichannel experience. What started as an Artificial Intelligence company in 2002, SmartAction has decades of experience in AI, machine learning, and NLP to mimic live agent behavior. SmartAction’s proprietary “AI brain” has the most advanced cognitive abilities in the industry, with templates for every industry and thousands of pre-built components.

Automation Made Easy

SmartAction delivers its AI automation as a service, enabling organizations to outsource all of their voice and chat automation needs via a nominal one-time setup fee and simple and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing.

Omnichannel Self-Service

Omnichannel AI-enhanced self-service. Most customers start in voice--since that’s where they get the most call center deflection and ROI—then scale the same experience digitally to chat and text.

Simple Integration

SmartAction’s cloud-based model integrates with any contact center technology. Implementations take as little as 6-8 weeks, since the application merely needs to be tailored to meet business-specific needs.

Conversational AI Solution

Our proprietary NLP/NLU has been trained and tuned for over 15 years. Our AI technology understands context, extracts intent, then mimics live agent behavior.

Ease into the AI-Revolution

Automate one call type or chat at a time, instead of replacing or upgrading existing systems. Implement in voice channel first, then scale same solution digitally to web chat, messaging apps, and text for a seamless omnichannel experience.


SmartAction’s subscription service is bundled with a full suite of benefits and services including a team of Customer Experience (CX) experts who guide customers through the transformation to automation that puts the CX above all.