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Web and mobile co-browse and live chat so you can guide your users by showing rather than telling. No download required.

Acquire empowers teams to engage customers with the power of visual co-browse and live chat. We co-browse and live chat (with the ability to conduct video and voice calls via live chat pop-ups), and both products can be used in tandem to have real-time, visually engaging conversations with your customers over web or mobile. Acquire integrates seamlessly with Talkdesk and various CRMs and support tools so you can sync data easily between different platforms and also enrich your primary system of records for customer data after a co-browse or live chat session has been closed.

Increase Efficiency

The ability to co-browse, or run an interactive screen share session with a customer allows your customer support team to resolve complex support issues and escalations quickly and with a personal touch. No app or plugin downloads are necessary.

Improve Customer Experience

Customers want fast, seamless support on whichever platform they’re using and whenever they need it - Acquire’s co-browse and live chat solutions help you meet your customers in the middle by providing support on web or mobile whenever they need it.

Revenue and Referrals

Given the urgency and personal touch our customers are able to provide to their end users with our customer support tools, many have reported more revenue and referrals from satisfied customers who have become evangelists.

Advance your digital capabilities

Fast and seamless on both web and mobile, Acquire provides a robust web and mobile SDK and APIs for any customer looking to harness co-browse and live chat for any platform their customers may be on.

Customize with clicks, not code

Immediately begin to initiate live chats, customize your live chat widget and messaging, start a co-browse session through live chat, and integrate your existing CRM and support tools (like Talkdesk!).

Expand your team analytics and visibility

We provide the tools to analyze team and agent performance and monitor the quality of your customer conversations. Through Acquire, you can see how agents are spending their time, conduct quality control via co-browse recordings.

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