Ytica Reporting and Analytics

Developed by YticaUpdated 07/07/17Version 17.2

Get instant control over your contact center critical metrics and insights

Ytica is the out-of-the-box reporting and analytics that seamlessly integrates with Talkdesk and works from day one. Ytica makes it easy for you to uncover where your customers are abandoning the queue, which teams have longer handling time and which language leads to the highest sales conversions. And of course, all dashboards and reports are fully customizable so it fits the way you are used to doing business. Backed by years of experience in the contact center space, Ytica brings you expertise in running profitable operations in both sales and customer care.

Built-in dashboards and reports focused on key KPIs

Visualize data, track trends, and isolate problem areas with a comprehensive set of carefully designed dashboards, reports and alerts. Schedule daily email reports or export them for your teams. With alerts you will never miss an important change in performance.

Drill down and listen to individual calls

Drill down from reports all the way to individual calls and listen to what your customers had to say. Focus on conversations that require attention and enable you to learn something new. Discover phrases, silences, cross-talks and patterns in 100% conversations.

Explore the Sentiment

Unleash the value of Talkdesk Sentiment metrics to quickly discover customers that need your attention. See customer satisfaction and mood side by side with other KPIs from the day one. Drill down to calls, agents and customers in Talkdesk.

Create your own dashboards and reports without coding

Customize everything without headaches. You can build your own reports and dashboards from the ground up or take inspiration from the built-in content. Simply drag and drop metrics and select the desired style of visualization. All of this without a single line of code.

Plans & Pricing

Ytica Trial


for 30 days

Sign up for a free 30 day trial and explore Ytica Reporting & Analytics

Want to power up your contact center with business reporting? With a large built-in library of dashboards and reports you will see results from day one. With Ytica 30 day trial, you will have access to:

- View and customize pre-built reports & KPIs
- Drill down from reports and listen to individual conversations
- Filter data by built-in filters (dates, teams, agents and many more)
- Set customized alerts on critical KPIs
- Export data to Excel, CSV, or PDF

After activation of your trial account, we will load 3 months of your historical data from Talkdesk and we will keep on updating them on a daily basis. Please note that once you install Ytica, your data will be available next business day.
All accounts you will provision will have access and editing privileges to all the reporting data.