Omnitraq Basic

Developed by Yactraq Online, Inc.Updated 01/17/18Version 1.0

Audio Mining with reports, search and transcripts on general vocabulary terms.

Omnitraq Basic provides accurate audio mining capabilties for general vocabulary use on any audible data for North American English, including phone calls, audio, and video data. For example, Omnitraq Basic can index 100% of your customer call recordings to provide insights on customer satisfaction, agent performance, and more. Our tool provides summary reporting and data-focused transcripts identifying keywords and phrases based on our General Vocabulary. If the General Vocabulary does not meet the needs of your business (for instance, recognizing your company’s name, product names, industry terms, etc.), Yactraq can provide the full Omnitraq deployment complete with a customized vocabulary built specificaly for your unique business on an engagement basis.

User Configurable Reporting

Users can independently configure their own Categories, Keywords and Key-Phrases that they want reports on


Users can search transcripts for detailed second-by-second information


Transcripts are available for all calls

Standard Reports

Yactraq provides several standard reports.

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