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World-class Outbound Dialer, enhanced for Talkdesk

Optimize your agents productivity and efficiency with Wedial for Talkdesk. With the most easy to set-up integration with Salesforce or uploading CSV files, have access to the benefits of state-of-the-art automation… in an App that you can master in minutes, since it’s designed for a seamless experience with Talkdesk.

Preview and Power Dialers... and more to come

Choose the Pacing Mode that best suits your Operation: Preview and Power already available and currently working with Talkdesk to enable more options.

From Dialing Rules to Comprehensive Reporting

Pacing Mode is just the beginning... optimize the efficiency of your Operation with a complete set of leverage tools, from Dialing Rules to Reporting.

Salesforce integration and CSV uploading

WeDial integrates perfectly with your Talkdesk and Salesforce Operation. For Operations without Salesforce, use our CSV file system: with uploading and appending facilities, works perfectly fine as well.

Callback scheduling: never miss a follow-up

Close to selling or solving a customer issue but need a final check later: just schedule a callback and WeDial will automatically dial the number at the right time.

Do Not Call Lists and TCPA Area Code Compliance

Legal requirements shouldn't be a burden to Operations, so WeDial provides a remarkably easy DNC Lists Management Module and (in USA) native TCPA Area Code Compliance.

Set-up in less than 5 minutes...

Create a Campaign, upload a Contact List and start dialing in a few minutes.

Plans & Pricing

WeDial (Trial)


for 30 days

Start optimising your Outbound Operation

During the 30 day trial, have full access to the WeDial App and start optimising your agents productivity and efficiency.