Simple Emotion Call Analytics

Developed by Simple Emotion, Inc.Updated 08/29/17Version 1.3

Complete call data and emotion analytics for your business. Harness powerful customer and agent insights with Simple Emotion.

Great sales and support is about more than just words. Don’t let your call data sit unanalyzed and restricted to limited data like call length or content. Simple Emotion provides full-depth and fidelity of analysis for call data and recordings by examining both text and tone for customer and agent sentiment. Our patented algorithms are helping businesses understand their customers at a deeper level to achieve greater customer satisfaction and stronger agent performance.

Emotional intelligence beyond words

Simple emotion analyzes tone to more accurately understand customer needs and behaviors to help you make smarter business decision.

Never miss upsell opportunities

Use our targeted list for sales teams and customer success teams to help close more business.

Never miss an at-risk customer

Identify high-risk customer interactions with problem statement tracking to keep customers happy and prevent loss of business.

Quality assurance for every call

Evaluate Agent performance and processes by looking at 100% of calls instead of a small sample with our faster and more powerful review process.

Intelligent tracking and organization

Create custom agent groups, monitor keywords, and sort call data by urgency, severity, and frequency to make your data work most efficiently for you.

Plans & Pricing

Starter Package (Trial)


for 30 days

Perfect option to explore the value of Simple Emotion call analytics

The Starter Package of Simple Emotion Call Analytics offers the same features as the Full Package, except it only analyzes the past one week of inbound calls in addition to all new inbound calls.