Developed by DeepgramUpdated 04/25/17Version 1.0

Next generation speech data mining

Deepgram helps businesses extract business insights from customer call recordings. Deepgram allows companies to search for important keywords and phrases in recorded calls and also allows companies to auto-categorize and predict call dispositions. Companies can turbocharge and automate call QA at scale with Deepgram.

Phrase search

Business leaders can search for words and phrases known to be important to sales, churn, and customer experience (e.g., can I speak to your manager).

Predictive dispositioning

Business leaders can automatically disposition calls based on historical call data. This enables the business to disposition all calls without human error/intervention. This also enables the business to predict CSAT, NPS scores with no direct customer responses.


Business leaders can produce computer generated transcripts of their audio files and analyze transcribed text.

Analytics over time

Business leaders can view the history over time of what is being mentioned in calls and how they are converting.

Plans & Pricing

Deepgram SMB - 50 Hours (Trial)


for 30 days

Perfect for organizations who would like to test a powerful speech analytics solution

The Deepgram Free Trial allows companies to mine their audio data for insights with Phrase Search, Predictive Dispositioning, and Transcription. Deepgram provides capabilities that have not been accessible to SMB companies like scalable QA and data mining.