Developed by DatatronUpdated 07/02/17Version 1.0.0

AI Assistant to Your Call Center

Datatron captures past data and provides predictive insights into how you can manage your call center more efficiently.

Call Center Forecasting

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Compare call center forecasts between each of your ring groups.

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AI for call center management

Datatron’s call AI app analyzes the call history and voice data of call centers and builds predictive insights using advanced machine learning. Datatron’s call AI app can be used by call center managers to get predictive insights to optimize their staffing, call center performance etc.

Some examples of questions Datatron’s call AI answers are:
- What will be the call volume for the next 30 days
- What will be the service level for the next 30 days
- What will be the abandon rates for the next 30 days
- What will be the average wait time for the next 30 days
- How many agents do I need for the next 30 days

Our models give predictive insights for different ring groups in a call center at hourly, daily and weekly granularity.